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Download the Tech Rider for installing ice on a theatrical stage.

Download the Tech Rider for special events on an artificial surface.

Turn to Ice Theatre of New York® to produce your perfect ice show! We provide the show that fits your needs; for the theatrical stage, festival, theme park, casino, shopping mall, dinner theater, or hotel, and for corporate and private parties. We present professional performances by our Company members, showing beautiful, flowing and breathtaking moves, from virtuostic soloists to lavish ensemble productions.  The costuming, choreoraphy, lighting, sound and special effects all designed to highlight the experience of viewing dance on ice. We skate on your ice surface or install our own - either real ice or artificial ice. Our portable artificial ice surfaces can be set up under an hour, and real ice takes about 36 hours (depending on the size of the desired surface).  We also provide casting for performances, commecials, etc.


This document presents the usual requirements of the company. Changes may be required according to the situation in a particular theater.


The client should provide a presentation space with dimensions of at least 40’x30’.  Ice Theatre of New York® requires the exclusive use of and shall be the sole occupant of the performance space commencing at load-in continuing throughout load-out.  The client should provide protective matting from the dressing room/holding area to stage deck for skaters’ safety and for floor protection.  The client must also provide a dressing room for the performers.  It is understood and agreed upon that dressing room will have dedicated male and female changing areas.  Should the dressing room not be within in easy access of the ice and reachable over rubber matting, the client shall provide a holding space for the performers within easy access of the ice.


An ice surface rental company provides and transports ice surface to the premises where all ITNY’s performances take place.  The ice company’s engineer supervises the installation and removal of the ice and is responsible for maintenance throughout the installation.

Requirements for the installation and removal of the ice are as follows:

A clean level (within 1/4” in 60’) surface on which to install ice rink.  Crushed ice for the installation. The ice must arrive 3 hours after the commencement of the load-in. The amount of crushed ice to be supplied and delivered to the site should be 5 lbs. per square feet.  A fresh water supply source for watering ice, available 24 hours daily, from commencement of load-in to completion of load-out.  Parking for chiller within 100’ of power source and 150’ of rink. Chiller trailer is 26x8.  Parking for one 24’ van body truck to close proximity to chiller unit. Power consisting of 208-230 volt 3 phases 265 amps per leg 24 hours daily from commencement of load-in through completion of load-out. Power disconnect must be within 125’ feet of chiller electrical panel.  Acceptable area or methods of disposal for the ice during load-out.  Eight feet of rubber matting or carpeting at entrances and exits to ice surface to protect stage floor and skaters. There should be four sets of wings; eight mats are required in total.  24-hour access to equipment and on-site parking for Ice Theatre staff, ice engineers and refrigeration trailer.  24-hour security for ice machinery and ice personnel.  Any permits that may be required in association with ice installation.

    If the company is using plastic ice, then the client should provide a hard, flat, and level surface for the installation of the artificial ice surface.  ITNY will also provide an Ice Coordinator to supervise set-up and take-down of the surface, as well as preparing the surface for the performers.  The client will provide two people to assist with the load-in and load-out of the artificial ice surface. (This should take about an hour each, depending on the size of the surface requested by client.)  Ice Theatre will provide the artificial ice surface in the following dimensions:
    Smallest: 20'x20'    Largest: 40'x60'


    The technical director and lighting designer will make arrangements with the theatre well in advance for the details of load-in rehearsals and performances. The company is not a yellow card show.

    • Load-in (if required) and installation of ITNY’s light plot and focus of overhead instruments. Front of house focus, building of booms. Booms must remain clear of deck area for ice installation.
    • Installation of a soft good masking
    • Client is to provide a master electrician, master carpenter and adequate crew to install, test and pre-focus light plot and hang soft goods and otherwise prepare stage.
    • Ice load-in: Client is to provide load-in labor consisting of 4 men, for four to six hours, and one licensed electrician to tie in chiller leads to power.
    • In addition, Client is to provide an overnight crew, consisting of two men from 8:00 PM on the day of the ice load-in to 8:00 AM the following day, to provide ice watering and equipment monitoring.
    • Lighting boom placement and focus, touch up focus (4 hours in the morning) Client’s crew: Production Manager, Fly man, Master Electrician, Light Board Operator and adequate crew
    • Tech Rehearsal (Spacing with lights) (4-6 hours in the afternoon) Client’s crew: Production Manager, Fly man, Master Electrician, Board Operator, 2-3 follow spot operators, 1-2 deck electricians. During this time company will space and lighting cues will be written.
    • Final Lighting Focus, cues and tech notes as required (4 hours in the morning) Client’s crew: Production Manager, Fly man, Master Electrician, Light Board Operator, Sound Engineer, adequate crew in other departments.
    • Dress Rehearsal (4-6 hours in the afternoon). Client’s crew: Production Manager, Fly man, Master Electrician, Board Operator, 2-3 Follow Spot Operators, 1-2 deck electricians, wardrobe person/ seamstress, adequate crew in other departments.
    • Performances. Client’s Crew: Production Manager, Fly man, Master Electrician, Board Operator, 2-3 Spot Operators, wardrobe person/ seamstress, adequate crew in other departments.
    • Load out following last performance. See below for load out requirements.
    • Ice removal (commencing immediately after the final performance). Client is to provide load-out labor consisting of 14-16 men, for four to eight hours, plus one licensed electrician to disconnect chiller leads.

    The repertory plot for the company consists of approximately 200 conventional lighting fixtures and two or three follow spots. The company Lighting Designer will prepare an adaptation of the plot for each theatre using, to the extent possible, the equipment of the theatre.  Ice Theatre's performance is greatly enhanced by professionally-designed lighting including programmable moving light systems.  Ice Theatre can usually work with whatever the lighting director provides, however, a bright, multi-colored wash that covers the entire stage area usually works best, as the performers use the entire length and depth of the stage. For safety reasons, it is very important that the performers be able to clearly see the stage surface and the distance to either wing at all times.  Ice Theatre must be notified in advance if strobe lights, fog and/or haze are to be used.


    May vary depending upon size of stage. Note that the maximum width possible for the ice floor is essential. Extensions may be necessary for the pipes so that legs may be hung offstage of their normal position.

    a. Main curtain
    b. 4 sets of black velour legs (no fullness is preferred)
    c. 4 black velour borders (no fullness is preferred)
    d. 1 black scrim
    e. 1 white cyclorama
    f. 1 full stage black velour drop
    a. A CD deck is required for all music.  The client will provide the CD player.  The sound system should be capable of amplifying the tracks to the entire audience.  Additionally, to maximize the ability of the performers to hear the music, the producer recommends a minimum of two stage monitors.
    b. An announcer’s microphone is needed backstage for the use of Ice Theatre’s stage manager and monitors on stage to insure the skaters can hear the music.
    c. For communications amongst production personnel during the rehearsal and all performances, a wired or wireless system must be located at all production locations (e.g. lighting and sound).

    Liability insurance naming Ice Theatre of New York, Inc. and its associated vendors as additional insured.


    Minimum requirements for dressing rooms are as follows: one ladies and one men’s dressing room for up to 10 people, two smaller dressing rooms for guest artists, and an office space with phone access. Dressing rooms should contain chairs, clothing racks, electrical outlets and mirrors, and have shower access. The way between dressing room and stage should have rubber matting.


    On rehearsals and performance days when the company is working in the theater, the performers should have access to drinking water, a large pot of coffee, milk, sugar, tea bags, a pot of hot water, and cups in an easily accessible area backstage.


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