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Departures on stage Dreame

Translating the vision of skating and dance choreographers onto the stage, ITNY merges innovative dance with the grace of figure skating to create a new art form. 

Experience Ice Theatre at your venue today!

Ice Theatre of New York (ITNY) on the proscenium stage:
- combines the intimacy of a theater performance with athletic artistry and the drama of stage lighting
- gives the audience the experience of skaters gliding, jumping and spinning close to their seats
- viewers even feel an occasional spray of snow from under the skaters' dancing blades.

Download the Technical Rider or click here for more details on installing an ice stage

Arena Presenters

Bring Ice Theatre of New York to your venue, and give the growing community of skating fans, as well as new audiences, an unforgettable evening of ensemble dance on ice!

Presenting ITNY is not only an opportunity to be a major provider of this unique artistry to the residents of your city, but also to be a steward of the arts by providing a place to present new and existing works of acclaim by extraordinary performers and choreographers. 

ITNY’s family-friendly programming is a joyful experience for all ages that also satisfies those who crave an evening of sophisticated entertainment. 

We currently offer two full-length shows (running time about 1 hour), Dance Visions On Ice and ICE:DANCE. We also have a Holiday Show (from 20 to 45 minutes).

Download the Arena Technical Rider.

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Once Again - Staller Center


2:1 - Staller Center

Draughtsman's Contract - on the proscenium stage

Departures - on the proscenium stage

Tango Images Part I - on the proscenium stage




Dare Greatly



Dollywood's Christmas on Ice image 

Winter Suite

Dollywood: Christmas on Ice - 2011

Let It Snow: Caesar's Tribute II - 2011

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