Young Apprentices

Oona and Gage Brown, a sister and brother ice dance team from Long Island, NY, have been skating together for six years and became silver medalists at the 2021 U.S. Junior National Ice Dance Championships. Representing Team USA in numerous international competitions, they went on to earn the silver medal at their second Junior Grand Prix of the season, in Linz, Austria. This placement won them a spot at the Junior Grand Prix Final in Osaka, Japan, originally scheduled for December 9th – 12th, and awaiting new dates. They have been training with coaches Inese Bucevica and ITNY choreographer Joel Dear for over two years and have performed with Ice Theatre of New York, Inc. ® regularly over the last five years. They’ve recently worked with On Ice Perspectives at beautiful Bryant Park Ice Rink and received much love and recognition for the resulting video of their Metallica Free Dance, which has gone viral.

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