Governor Kathy Hochul

"Since 1984, Ice Theatre of New York has been dedicated to the development and promotion of figure skating as a performing art. Through community outreach, this organization enables New York City's public school children to get out on the ice and learn to skate. The New Works and Young Artists Series is widely recognized as an innovative educational program that utilizes figure skating as an effective and empowering confidence-builder and teaching tool."

- Governor Kathy Hochul - 2022

Tobi Armstrong, Partner at Prodject

"Thank you guys so much!! It was a smash hit and the skating program was the highlight!!!! We can’t thank you enough!! I hope we have the opportunity again - I have certainly learned a lot and would be excited to collaborate again!!!!"

- Tobi Armstrong - 2022

Christopher Dean

“It is ITNY’s night tonight. It is incredible to see what they have achieved over the years…..What’s wonderful is the diversity, inclusivity and creativity that goes into this organization"

-Christopher Dean - 2022

Vera Wang

"Thank you for maintaining a passion for beauty, art, and the unique sport of figure skating. We are all so fortunate to have skating in our lives and the incredibly dedicated skating family to which we all belong. Congratulations to Moira and the entire Board."

-Vera Wang - 2022

New York Times: Gia Kourlas

“Ensemble groups like Ms. North’s Ice Theatre of New York® may be the best hope for the future simply because they recall what skating has the potential to be: dancing on air.”

-Gia Kourlas - Jan 30, 2014

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