2012 Benefit Gala Performance - Photo by Norbert Schramm


Ensemble Director

Elisa Angeli is an an Italian ice dancer with recognition from the Italian Federation for Ice Skating, studied Ballet with Ludmilla Vlassova (Bolshoi) and Giovanna Franzosi in Milan; also with Christine Wright at the Gibney Dance Center. She also studied Modern and Contemporary Dance at the Open Dance Center and at M.A.S., Milan and Aerial Silks at Streb and Trapeze School in New York. Elisa had several years of contortion and extreme flexibility classes with J. Noan and O. Karmansky. Her expertise as a circus arts specialist allows Elisa to bring a unique element of excitement when skating as a principal performer and aerialist with ITNY. In 2009, Elisa participated at the Premiere of Wintuk by Cirque du Soleil at Madison Square Garden. In Italy she was an aerialist with the tour Italian Champions on Ice with Ghiaccio Spettacolo, and performed in Munich with Spotlight Productions. Elisa has been with ITNY since 2008, including on ITNY’s 2008 tour in France, and in 2015 she became ITNY's Ensemble Director.

2016-2017 Performers:

Elladj Baldé (guest), Brent Bommentre, Mauro Bruni, Wesley Campbell, Angela Chiang, Jordan Cowan, Christian Erwin, Jennifer Griver, Line Haddad, Eliot Halverson, Beata Handra, Jonathon Hunt, Jessica Huot, Justine Marie Kelleher, Kiira Korpi (guest), Valerie Levine, Bridie Myles, Kim Navarro, Adam Rippon (guest), Vitaliy Sazonets, Stephanie Spencer, Tara Nicole Stamm, Matt Thomas, Conor Wagar, Rohene Ward (guest) and Sally Jeanne Watkins.


Guest Perfomer

Elladj Baldé is a Competitive skater and performer from Quebec, Canada and a frequent guest performer with ITNY. He was born November 9, 1990 in Moscow to a Russian mother and a Guinean father, Ibrahim, from the village of Tombon, near Labé. His elder sister, Djulde, died from leukemia. After a year in Bonn, Germany during his sister's treatment, the family moved to Canada in 1992. Elladj was introduced to skating at the age of seven by his mother. Though at first he would hide his skates in an attempt to avoid practice, he began to love skating when he was ten. He is a 7-time Canadian National Senior Competitor and is the winner of the 2015 International Nebelhorn Trophy. He speaks English, French, and Russian.



With partner Kim Navarro, is a Two-Time United States Bronze Medalist in Ice Dance and Two-Time World Team Member. Together they were the 2008 Four Continents Championship Bronze Medalist and the 2010 Olympic Winter Games first alternates. As a professional skater, Brent has performed with Holiday on Ice, Broadway On Ice, Sun Valley On Ice, the Ice Theatre of New York, the 2014 Olympic Tour of Stars On Ice, and Nancy Kerrigan’s “Halloween On Ice.” He has also performed in the Disson television skating specials “Shall We Dance On Ice” and “Colgate Skating and Gymnastics” as well as the Scott Hamilton and Friends of Scott Hamilton and Freinds On Ice. Brent was featured in an episode of the television show Glee and competed as a part of the act “Aerial Ice” on the quarter-finals of NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Brent has his USFS Gold Metal in Dance and MIF. He has been skating instructor since age 15 and currently a student at Berkeley City College.



Denise Beaumont is an accomplished figure skater and triple gold medalist in figures, freestyle and dance. She was a competitor at the senior level and has performed professionally in Japan, with Ice Follies and with Ice Theatre of New York. Denise has been a professional figure skating coach for over 34 years, starting out at the old SkyRink. Now teaching at Chelsea Piers, several of her students have gone on to become successful high level competitors. She loves teaching and attends skating conferences each year to hone her skills. She is a native New Yorker and her daughter, Alana, has become a beautiful figure skater in her own right.



Mauro Bruni grew up in Westchester and is an accomplished professional skater.  In addition to being a principal performer for ITNY, Mauro also held that position in numerous companies: Holiday on Ice, Willy Bietak Productions, Dynamic Shows GmbH, and others.  He is a previous national and international competitive skater for the US, a coach and choreographer for students from all over the country, and is also a stage performer without his skates.  Mauro is a soloist and certified choreographer for American Ice Theatre, was the 2014 Young Artists Showcase & Quest for Creativity Winner, and recently won the Ground Breaker award at the 2016 US Open Professional Championships.  Mauro first performed with ITNY in 2013.



As a Competitive Solo Skater, Wesley represented the USA at many ISU international events, including the World Junior Figure Skating Championships, and claimed 3 U.S. National medals. After his retirement from competitive skating in 2013, he appeared in the 2013 film Anchorman 2, starring Will Farrell, as the star’s skating stunt body double, and then began pursuing a professional skating career as both a soloist and an adagio pair skater, debuting in Willy Bietak’s Broadway on Ice in Muscat, Oman, Carre’s Art on Ice in Zurich, Switzerland in 2015, and Intimissimi on Ice in Verona, Italy where he skated as a soloist to a live performance of the hit song On my Mind by mega pop star, Ellie Goulding.



Angela grew up in New Jersey but now calls New York City home. Her passion for figure skating started as soon as she stepped on the ice at the age of four. Angela credits her accomplishments in skating to her mother and grandmother’s encouragement.  Both dreamt of becoming graceful figure skaters. After retiring from her competitive career in 2000, Angela joined ITNY as a young apprentice and became a full-fledged cast member on and off with the company since 2003. She has found skating with ITNY to be truly instrumental in developing her artistry and is thrilled to rejoin the cast after a six-year hiatus! This is Angela’s debut performance since successfully recovering from major knee surgery from a torn ACL and meniscus injury.  Angela is a USFS double gold medalist, a graduate of NYU with a B.A. in Journalism and Metropolitan Studies, a former instructor for the Figure Skating in Harlem program, a former member of the NHL’s New York Rangers City Skaters squad and continues to devote herself to her students and her love of coaching at Chelsea Piers for the past seventeen years.



Jordan has always loved to dance and perform. He started skating in Los Angeles, and a few years later relocated to Michigan to find a partner in Ice Dancing. Over his and Anastasia Olson's competitive career, they went to U.S. Nationals five times and competed internationally for Team USA. After their partnership ended in 2012, Jordan switched his focus to ballroom dancing, both teaching and competing professionally, moving from Michigan to New York in the process. He now studies Computer Science at City College while he coaches Ice Dancing in and out of the city. Jordan is thrilled to join ITNY and have the opportunity to bring his love for dance back to his first passion, the ice.



Christian Erwin is a skater originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was a three-time National competitor and Regional champion, as well as a National and Sectional medalist. After retiring from competition he moved to New York City and began performing with Ice Theatre of New York in 2014. He now spends most of his time coaching but enjoys the creative outlet that ITNY provides, and he looks forward to many more seasons with the company.



Jennifer fell in love with the sport of figure skating at the age of six and that love has not wavered in her 21 years of skating. A Colorado native, Jennifer spent 16 years competing in the Southwestern region before following her dreams of becoming a professional performer. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Anthropology, Jennifer spent 5 years traveling the world with Disney On Ice. She wrapped up her touring career in December 2016 to chase down more of her dreams in New York City. In the few short months she has lived here, she finds herself coaching, choreographing, and performing more than ever. Jennifer will be graduating with a Master’s Degree in Tourism Management in the Spring, 2018. She is grateful to be welcomed into the ensemble of Ice Theatre of New York and to have her debut performance at the 2017 Spring Unplugged Performance. 



Eliot Halverson began skating at age six on a frozen pond behind his house. When the World Figure Skating Championships came to Minneapolis in 1998, Halverson skipped school for a week to watch them, which encouraged him to take private lessons and become a more serious skater. He landed his first triple at age eleven. Halverson is a U.S. Juvenile bronze medalist, 2004 Intermediate champion, and 2005 Novice pewter medalist. Eliot first skated with ITNY in 2013 in a concert featuring performers from the “Young Artists Showcase.”


Choreographer/ Performer

Line Haddad is a World and Olympic pair skater and was the youngest athlete to compete at the Olympics at Albertville. Former student of Oleg Vassiliev, she is two time French National Champion, one-time Israeli National Champion. As a dancer, she graduated from the Paris Conservatoire in ballet and has also trained and performed in modern dance and Argentine Tango (NY City Center, Google, NY Live Arts, and The Madison Theatre). Line is an international choreographer and a consultant for the French Ice Skating Federation. She choreographed for various international skaters, among them are top ten Olympic team Vanessa James/ Morgan Cipres, world competitor Lola Esbrat/Andrei Novoselov and Laurine Lecavalier. She also coached skaters at ISU Grand Prix events (Skate America, Trophee de France).

After touring with Philippe Candeloro and the French team, she joined the Ice theatre of New York as a Performer and worked with choreographers such as David Parson, Doug Webster, and David Liu. She was also featured in Dance Visions on Ice on NBC starring Nancy Kerrigan and Evgeni Plushenko and well as in a TV show Glee Episode. Academically, she received her Master of Arts in translation and linguistics in Paris, majoring in French, English, and Spanish.



With over 20 years of experience as a professional and competitive figure skater, Jonathon Hunt has made a name for himself through his hard work and dedication to his sport. Over the years, he has developed his skills as a world-class skater, performing in several high-profile shows. A 2003 Junior World Pairs Bronze Medalist and 2004 US Nationals Senior Pairs Medalist, he was the principal performer in shows including the Rockefeller Christmas Spectacular, Whiskers Holiday Ice Spectacular, and the Ice Mystique show in Ocean Park, Hong Kong. He has also been a part of the ensemble cast of the Tribute 2 show in Atlantic City, and Fantasy on Ice, in Fukui, Japan. Jonathon has been a principal member of Ice Theatre of New York since 2010. He has also been performing with Sun Valley on Ice Summer shows since 2014. Jonathon joined The Next Ice Age’s, “Men Skating”, in the fall of 2014. Jonathon is a highly regarded coach working across the United States.



Jessica Renée Huot is the Skating Director and Skating School Director at Sky Rink Chelsea Piers where she also teaches private skating lessons.  Jessica is a six-time Finnish National Ice Dance Champion and USFS quadruple gold medalist. She and her ice dance partner competed in the World and European Figure Skating Championships in 2002-2004 as well as the Junior and Senior Grand Prix competition circuits from 1999-2003.  Jessica received her Bachelor of Science in 2006 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in Brain and Cognitive Sciences.  She went on to earn her Master of Music degree in Piano Performance from New York University in 2012.  In addition to teaching skating, she teaches private piano lessons in the NYC area. She has performed as a principal dancer for the Ice Theatre of New York since 2010.  



Justine Marie Kelleher is born and raised in New York City. She studied at Joffrey School of Ballet and she is a USFSA Gold Medalist skater. She attended Hunter College for Modern/Contemporary Dance. She is also a choreographer and visual artist. She competed in the Young Artist Showcase, a choreography challenge for young up-and-coming skating choreographers. She currently coaches skating at Sky Rink, Chelsea Piers. Justine Maries first skated with ITNY as a little girl in special events and she joined the professional company in 2015.


Guest Performer

Kiira Korpi is a professional figure skater from Finland. She is 5-time Finnish National Champion, two time Olympian and 3-time European medalist. She stopped competing in 2015 and she's living part time in NYC since summer 2016. Kiira has been performing all over the world with a lot of the greatest skaters in the world. The most recent show she did as a protagonist was "Intimissimi on ice" in Verona, Italy, where she performed together with Andrea Bocelli, Stéphane Lambiel, and more. After the stressful competitive career Kiira has found a new kind of joy and creativity in skating, and she hopes that people can feel the love and light shining through her skating.



Elisabeth L’Heureux is a USFS and ISU gold medalist in figures and freestyle. She was Senior Ladies North Atlantic Regional Champion and has performed professionally in ice shows in Atami, Japan; Knott’s Berry farm, California; Lake George, NY and Bally’s Grand, Atlantic City. Elisabeth has been teaching at Wollman Rink in Central Park for 16 years. Prior to becoming a figure skating coach, Elisabeth earned a law degree and is licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey. She is married to Jose Reis and they have a son, Gabriel. Elisabeth continues to be passionate about skating since her training days with Sonya and Peter Dunfield. She first performed with ITNY in 2010. Elisabeth would like to add: “this performance is in memory and honor of my beloved mother, whose unending love and dedication, along with my dad's, made my wonderful life as a skater possible.”



Katherine Mangiardi is the Skating Manager at Chelsea Piers Connecticut and a USFSA gold medalist in Moves in the Field. She has been coaching throughout the tristate area for the past 15 years and currently is the assistant Intro and Beginner coach for Skyliners. After receiving her BA from Vassar and MFA in painting from RISD, she has been exhibiting her work in various museums and galleries. In 2009, Mangiardi was awarded the W.K. Rose Fellowship in the Creative Arts. Solo exhibitions include, Paintings, The Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio, and Reflected Absence, The Hunterdon Museum of Art, Clinton, NJ. Recently, Kate had begun to merge her experience as a skater into her work. In Tracings, a video currently on view at the HVCCA in Peekskill, NY, she skates a design of her own creation. Kate is excited and grateful for the opportunity to explore this new direction in her work with ITNY.



Bridie Myles grew up in Bowling Green Ohio. She moved to New York to pursue her Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree at Pratt Art Institute in Brooklyn. While completing her degree she began coaching figure skating at Chelsea Piers. She is a USFS double gold medalist and in competition she earned a National gold and bronze medal. Bridie first skated with Ice Theatre of New York in 2003. When she is not at the rink Bridie manages the careers of two Instagram celebrity dogs named Tansy and Cora who go by the tag name @thelilgremlins. They make appearances at New York events and are brand representatives.



With Partner Brent Bommentre, is a Two-Time United States Bronze Medalist in Ice Dance and Two-Time World Team Member. Together they were the 2008 Four Continents Championship Bronze Medalist and the 2010 Olympic Games first alternates. As a professional skater, Kim has performed with Holiday On Ice, Broadway On Ice, Sun Valley On Ice, the Ice Theatre of New York, the 2014 Olympic Tour of Stars On Ice, and Nancy Kerrigan’s “Halloween On Ice.” She has also performed in the Disson television skating specials “Shall We Dance On Ice” and “Colgate Skating and Gymnastics” as well as Hamilton C.A.R.E.S Initiative shows “An Evening With Scott Hamilton and Friends” and “Scott Hamilton and Friends ON Ice”. Kim was featured in an episode of the television show Glee and competed as part of the act “Aerial Ice” on the quarter-finals of NBS’s America’s Got Talent. In 2016 Kim toured with Ice Dance International. Kim graduated from Columbia University in 2004, cum Laude, with a degree in English and minor in Dance and is now pursuing a Masters of Liberal Arts at Stanford University.



Stephanie Spencer grew up in the mountains of Vermont and fell in love with skating at the age of 10. She also studied acting and ballet. After graduating with a degree in theatre from Middlebury College, she was thrilled to have the opportunity to perform on New York ice stages when she started skating with Ice Theatre of New York in the Spring of 2015. She has been coaching skating for over a decade and loves bringing the joy of the ice to skaters of all ages. 


Guest Performer

The oldest of six children, Adam Rippon began skating at the age of 10. Adam is a two-time World Junior Champion and in 2016 captured the gold medal at U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Saint Paul, MN. Adam then competed at the World Championships in Boston where he placed sixth and received a standing ovation for his performance to a Beatles medley. After taking bronze at the 2016 CS U.S. Classic, Rippon won bronze at both of his Grand Prix competitions – the 2016 Skate America and 2016 Trophée de France. Currently residing in California Adam just completed his second season touring as a permanent member of Stars On Ice and is training for the upcoming Olympic Season in 2018. ITNY presented Adam with the 2017 Will Sears Award, which is given to a skater who demonstrates exceptional daring and persistence in pursuit of his passion. 



Tara Nicole Stamm is an International Choreographer/National Coach, Dancer, and Movement Consultant. She has a Bachelor's in Dance from the University of Wisconsin (Go Badgers!!), and a Master's in Dance/Movement Therapy from Columbia College-Chicago.  She is a 2-time USFS Gold Medalist in Ice Dance and Field Moves. She has been integrating her knowledge of Laban Movement Analysis with the sport of figure skating through SOMA:  techniques specializing in how the body moves through time, weight, and space, to enhance the full body potential on the ice.  She is an IJS components coach-specializing in all 5 categories- and works closely with athletes to educate, develop and improve their performance to maximize their score.  She also has a passion for working with skaters who have special needs. Tara Nicole is a supplementary coach to the primary coach, and loves sharing her unique background with all athletes through private and semi-private lessons, and workshops.  She was the Founder and Artistic Director of Minnesota Ice Theatre. She joined Ice Theatre of New York in 2015. Tara Nicole is a member of USFS, PSA, and the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA).



Matt Thomas grew up skating in Syracuse, NY, where he was introduced to skating through the Learn to Skate Program.  He continued to train as a figure skating competitor and in 1998 he became the Eastern Sectional Champion, before moving on to his current career as a Skating Coach.  He has always loved being on the ice and considers himself blessed to still be skating, 29 years later.  He remembers seeing ITNY perform at Rockefeller Center as a young boy, and now feels privileged to have been a member of the educational outreach and performance groups of ITNY for the last three years.  Matt is also a professional saxophonist, holding a Bachelor's degree in music from SUNY Buffalo, performing regularly both in NYC and internationally.  



Conor Wagar first became interested in skating at the age of 10, when he was taken to a Disney on Ice show. Amazed by the performers, he begged his parents to sign him up for lessons. Under the guidance of his coach, Doris Papenfuss, he competed at Jr. Nationals with only two years of skating under his belt. Conor went on to compete at Eastern Sectionals and was an alternate for US Nationals. He also became a triple gold-medalist in moves-in-the-field, freestyle, and ice dance. Towards the end of his amateur career he went on to join the touring company of Disney on Ice and now performs with the talented, amazing cast of ice performers in Ice Theatre of New York.





Sally Jeanne Watkins is a U.S. Figure Skating triple gold medalist and holds an Intercollegiate National Senior Ladies title. While Sally enjoys skating professionally, she also loves coaching and learning aerial arts. She recently earned her Masters in Environmental Engineering from NYU. Originally from Seattle, Washington, she currently lives in New York City. She is the new Skating School Director at the World Ice Arena in Queens. Sally Jeanne has been performing with the Ice Theatre of New York since 2013.


Guest Performer

Rohene Ward may be the most decorated show skater in the world.  While there isn’t an Olympic Gold Medal awarded to the crowd favorite, he is the current United States Open Professional Champion and known around the world for his incredible talents on the ice. His originality, creativity, flexibility and technical strength make him one of the most popular show skaters. Rohene competed four times at the United States Championships and in 2004 was crowned Puerto Rican National Champion. As a competitive skater, he was best known for being able to jump and spin in both directions – a task very few Olympians have ever accomplished. His talents don’t stop “on” the ice. He has choreographed for national, world, and Olympic athletes and in 2015 was named “Choreographer of the Year” by the Professional Skaters Association – the highest honor in his field. His students include Mariah Bell, Jordan Moeller, Courtney Hicks, U.S. National Champion Jason Brown, Olympians Madison Chock and Evan Bates along with many others. Ward has performed in ice shows all around the world and has traveled with Holiday on Ice as a principal skater for many years and continues to wow audiences nationally and internationally even with his very rigorous coaching schedule. Currently he is working with Kori Ade at one of the most selective and well-known training centers in the U.S., 7k International Skating Academy.



Wendy toured worldwide with Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", Disney's "Princess Classics" and "Russian Ballet on Ice" as well as skated in Films, TV and commercials such as "Blades of Glory", "Days of our Lives", "Mercedes", "AT&T", "United" etc.  As a dancer, she also toured worldwide as a principal performer with Disney. She currently teaches skating - including school figures - in NYC and she enjoys performing with the Ice Theatre of NY.


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